Therapist Haylee is so kind natured. She really got our family, didn’t judge and had a real “how can I help you?” approach. I couldn’t recommend her enough she’s amazing!

Feedback from our clients mum

Thank you so much for all the work you have done helping to prepare us for our NDIS meeting.  Thank you for all the documents too.  It gives me confidence to know that you are part of our team. The allied health are always so professional in everything they do. That has been my experience with Senses.

Feedback from our client

I would just like to take a quick second to tell you all how much I appreciate all you do for Sage and us! Your expertise and willingness to help is amazing and truly a gift!! We absolutely love seeing the strides Sage is taking and the therapy is a huge lift up for her. You seem to see her struggle and have strategies to help her immensely.

Without you guys I don’t even want to think about where we’d be! Thank you very much!

Feedback from our clients mum

First of all I just wanted to thank you for Timothy’s service agreement. It is definitely what we are looking for and I really appreciate how you have tied the goals into each of his NDIS plan goals. It has been a wonderful experience working with you and you have made your service very personal. I appreciate the support you have provided for me and my family.

Feedback from our clients family

Shelly and I just wanted to thank you for the great support you are giving Shelly to help her achieve her goal of better balance. It is her dream to be able to trot when riding horses.

The program you designed for her is perfect. She loves that it has a mixture of different exercises (some she can do well and others are more challenging which is great because it gives her a choice on how hard she wants to work each day).  She loves that she is in charge of her practice sessions and can choose from her program sheets which exercises she is going to do that day.

Thanks for explaining the exercises so well (even in Auslan!!!). Shelly loves that she gets to show you some Auslan too.

Feedback from our client and mum

We know this has been a difficult time (COVID19) and we applaud the staff for the great job they’ve done.  Thank you.

Feedback from our clients mum

Amelia House is a wonderful place and the staff are so friendly yet professional.

Feedback from a service provider

I just wanted to pass on some feedback. The three carers that have worked with us over the last week have been absolutely magnificent. Kind, friendly, punctual and professional. I would have any one of them as a regular care for our family. Just wanted to pass that on and say thank you for introducing these lovely girls into our world.

Feedback from our clients family

I reached out to Senses for help with not only my sons therapy needs and core supports, but some guidance and advice on how to review my current mental health condition and where to access an agency best suited to building a relationship with my daughter who was struggling with her own mental health issues and all the stresses that come with being a big sister to a brother with special needs.

An amazing team of OT, speech and physio therapists, coordinator and social workers all provided consistent and thorough services to us.

It wasn’t long until a strong relationship was built and I had full confidence and trust in their abilities to support us.

I feel very comfortable in working alongside our team of Senses superhero’s.

They have done incredible work with my son, who is progressing rapidly and achieving goals that we never thought could.

Feedback from our clients family


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