Common Ground through Communication Boards

Posted on October 31, 2022 in Latest News and Information
Noah Bunbury

Playgrounds are not just for fun and fitness….they are very important for children’s physical and mental health. They let them explore their surroundings, run around, and blow off steam after a long day of school. For kids who have difficulty communicating or engaging with others, playgrounds can also be a great place to practice their developing skills. However, for non-verbal children, practicing those skills can be challenging if their individual communication therapy tools are not readily available. One way to make sure playgrounds are inclusive for all children is through designated public display communication boards.

Communication boards are fun and informative visual signs to support people with communication needs.

They are designed to support non-verbal people to communicate by using alternative and augmented communication symbols and build awareness and understanding for the general public about how to communicate with someone who is non-verbal.

Playground communication boards also assist people who are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Even children who do not use symbols enjoy using them!

Noah and Support Worker Kodie discovered the new Communication Boards along with some of the great equipment on offer at Bunbury’s Big Swamp park.

Well done City of Bunbury.


Have you noticed signs like these at your park?

Communication Boards

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