From dipping his toes in the water to spending his days in the pool: Little Amber and Baz are kicking NDIS goals.

Posted on July 10, 2024 in Latest News and Information

A few years ago, Barry preferred to spend a lot of time at home, but after some encouragement from his family and his Support Worker, “Little Amber”, Barry now fills his days with activities he enjoys such as fishing, swimming, and going to Rockingham Foreshore.

Barry is using his NDIS plan to get more involved in the community with Support Worker Amber cheering him on for almost a year.

“When I first met Baz, he was very shy. We started off driving in the car the whole shift. I said to Baz ‘I think we need to do something else,’” said Amber.

A big turning point was when Barry overcame his fear of the sand and walked on the beach.

“I said to Barry ‘I’ll hold your hand and we can go down to the beach.’ He even touched the water with his feet!

 Amber Murray and Barry Ainsworth at the beach on a sunny day

Support Worker Amber Murray and Barry Ainsworth at the beach on a sunny day.

“I encourage Barry to make his own choices and step forward, and he trusted me.

“Barry has come a long way in terms of speaking up for himself and getting out a lot more. Our goal as a support worker is to help our clients get their goals. It’s important to be patient and ask what they want to do,” Amber said.

 Lisa Watson and Ashleigh Watson

Barry Ainsworth is standing on the beach in a red shirt and hat with his arms raised.

With a bit of encouragement and staged progress based on Barry’s preferences, Barry is getting out more. He enjoys getting out into the community, using the train, and loves swimming.

“I remember spending a whole shift in the pool. I encouraged Baz to walk laps first. We go to the pool a lot now. It helps him keep up with his physio and fitness.”

 Barry Ainsworth in the pool

Barry Ainsworth in the pool.

Amber said she was able to help Barry achieve his goals by asking lots of questions and taking the time to get to know his interests and understand his limits.

“You are there to support someone that needs support at key moments. In my head, it doesn’t matter whether you have a disability or not, just because you have a disability doesn’t mean that you can’t do what everyone else wants to do.

“Barry has taught me a lot too.  I’ve learned about patience, and he taught me to try new things. He calls me “Little Amber”.

“At SensesWA, we care for our clients and pride ourselves on respect and safety and recognise what our clients want to do.” Amber said.

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