Greg’s favorite things to do

Posted on April 8, 2022 in Latest News and Information

Greg loves to get out and about in his community doing his favourite things. Assisted by support worker Shannon, the pair have been getting up to all sorts of fun over the past few weeks; visiting the Cuddly Animal Farm with his friend David, exploring Ikea and buying plants. However, recently Greg went to visit his favourite store of all – the Harley Davidson store of course! He loved seeing all the bikes, hearing them being turned on and revved up, and he was over the moon when he was gifted a free shirt from the Harley Davidson team in Midvale. Way to go Greg!

If you would like to get out into your community and do more of your favourite things, SensesWA’s team are here to assist you with whatever you want to do.

Support Worker Shannon says: “I’ve been working with Greg for over 4 years. I support Greg in accessing the community and doing activities of his choice. Every week he decides what he wants to do and away we go. He’s had some incredible experiences. Next, he is looking at doing a double rider go-karting session.”

What are some of your favourite things to do?

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Image 1: Greg and David visiting the Cuddly Animal Farm                   Image 2: Greg in Ikea buying a plant and pot