Have you heard of Frame Running? Paige has!

Posted on December 21, 2023 in Latest News and Information
Paige and PT Amy FrameRunner

Image: Paige with SensesWA Physiotherapist Amy

Frame Running is an innovative sport and recreational activity for people with a physical disability like cerebral palsy, or similar conditions, who have impaired balance and are unable to functionally run.

Paige has been able to use her Frame Runner to participate in her school sports carnival, and athletic sports days, including a school football coaching session from Rosie the Eagle (West Coast Eagles mascot). There was an inaugural frame runner race at Paige’s school at this year’s sports carnival.

Paige competes Australia wide in the unique sport of Sled Dog Racing. This year she was able to compete independently with her dogs Chevy and Spyder and her new Frame Runner. Paige and her family travelled across Australia, to compete nationally. They competed in 4 states, travelling from Western Australia, to South Australia, then to New South Wales where they competed in Dinner Plain, and finally to the ACT, Canberra. Paige and her family travelled for a month, with 12 dogs and a caravan.

Paige’s mum, Nat said “Frame Running has given Paige freedom and independence. Like a kid riding a bike, it teaches her how to navigate the road, obstacles, learn about speed, braking and control of a bike. She can now play with the kids on their bikes or skateboards, it gives me, as a mum, a lift to the heart to see her smile, laugh and be independently involved in a sport, with her peers.

We have recently taken Paige’s Frame Runner out camping with us, on unsealed uneven surfaces and she enjoys going off on her own exploring the areas, giving her more potential to explore and experience the freedoms available to an able-bodied child.

As beneficiaries of a Telethon grant, SensesWA have a new regional fleet of 11 Frame Runners, which can be hired for a trial period by people living with a physical disability.

This exciting sport is relatively new to the Western Australian community, and we are delighted to bring it to our regional areas in the South West. Participants can now learn how to run with the assistance of a frame, by borrowing one of our Frame Runners and experience the joy of running for themselves. Assessments for participants when hiring the Frame Running equipment will be supported by our experienced physiotherapists.

The Frame Runner program will assist in building an active lifestyle for people with disability in regional WA and contribute to them taking part in running activities, creating regular social engagements while promoting friendships, fun and fitness.


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Paige taking part in her school sports carnival

Image: Paige taking part in her school sports carnival

Paige competing in Sled Dog Racing

Image: Paige competing in Sled Dog Racing