Make a difference by becoming a Host Family

What is a Host Family arrangement?

For a range of reasons individuals with disability who are unable to live with their families may choose an alternative family to live with, a Host Family. This may be on a fulltime basis or for short breaks like weekends or holidays.

A Host Family can be anyone who is willing to open their heart and home to an individual who needs it. Host Families can be a family, a couple or a single person. They play a key role in the lives of individuals with disability and ensure they are given a safe, stable and nurturing environment to live, as well as welcoming them to become part of the family.

Host Family arrangements are a form of support where an individual gets to share their life with the Host(s) while continuing to live the life they choose.


What is required to become a Host Family?

SensesWA takes a holistic and thorough approach to approving Host Families. There is a comprehensive assessment to complete which includes regular home visits, security, and environmental checks as well as training. All Host Families are required to complete a range of case studies and questionnaires.

Your dedicated SensesWA Family Support Coordinator will meet with you and discuss in detail the assessment process. All adults living at the residence will need to be included in the assessment process.

Host Families that are approved will be required to undergo ongoing monitoring and review to ensure they are still meeting their agreement as a Host Family.


What are the responsibilities of being a Host Family?

Just as every home and family is unique, each Host Family arrangement is different and will represent the preferences of both the individual and Host.  Hosts provide support and share their home, family life and community connections with the individual.  The individual becomes a valued, participating member of the household.


The Benefits

  • You will make a huge difference to someone’s life.
  • You will gain a new family member.
  • Create relationships and memories that last a lifetime.
  • Create bonds that not only improve their life, but better your life as well.
  • Become a mentor.
  • Open your eyes to new possibilities.
  • Receive a tax-free reimbursement.


What support will I receive?

SensesWA will support you every step of the way in your journey as a Host Family. Your dedicated Family Support Coordinator will provide ongoing support to your family and make regular visits with the individual and yourself. Formal assessments will be undertaken regularly throughout the year by the coordinator to ensure that you as a Host Family have everything you need and that the individual is always supported and remains safe.

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