Individual Living Options

Choose What’s Right For You

Individual Living Options (ILO) are focussed on working with the participant and their family to consider their needs and preferences and design a flexible package of supports. Implementation often happens in stages and the package includes a primary support approach and supplementary supports. Once established the living arrangement is closely monitored and fine-tuned.

Individual living options are often a viable alternative to a group home (Supported Independent Living (SIL)).

The following describes a variety of living arrangements under the Individual Living Options/ILO heading.

Living Alone

A person lives in their own home with a combination of supports that may include rostered shifts, various on call arrangements and/or at home support services.

Host family arrangement

A participant lives in the home of a non-related person or Host family. The Host family provides in home disability related supports, household assistance, emotional support and a family environment. The Host family receives an agreed level of reimbursement from the participant’s disability support plan.

Living Together

A person lives in their own home with one or more people (with or without disabilities) they have chosen. There is no formalised support expectations or benefit received (financial or other) payment incentive for other people in the home unless both residents have disability supports, in which case some supports may be shared.


A person lives in their home with one or more people who provide friendship and companionship, in addition to an agreed level of personal care, household assistance and/or other forms of support. These people will receive either a payment or reduced/subsidised rent depending on the type and intensity of support provided.