Karaoke Queens – Together for 10 years

Posted on May 11, 2023 in Latest News and Information
Tania and Support Worker Marissa

Image: Tania and Support Worker Marissa


Tania and Support Worker Marissa have been singing and dancing together at Karaoke for 10 years.

Every Wednesday, the pair attend Sassy Ability’s Karaoke and have done since 2013.

When Tania first started, she was quite shy and didn’t like to get involved in singing or dancing. But after regular visits with Marissa, Tania soon came to love the experience. Tania now looks forward to her weekly Karaoke and loves singing and dancing, but most of all having fun.

“I encourage everyone to try Karaoke even if you think you’re not a good singer or dancer, it doesn’t matter. At Karaoke everyone is a star.

It’s very good exercise not just for your vocal cords but for your whole body. You have a chance to wiggle, groove and show your moves. Tania loves to show her moves. She’s definitely a better dancer than me.

I have seen lots of clients gain more confidence, make new friends and come to love the experience.” Marissa – SensesWA Support Worker

Tania says: “I love it because I get to sing and dance. I pick my own songs each week. I meet up with friends and lots of other people. We celebrate lots of things like Birthdays, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Everyone is always smiling and having a good time.”



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