Martial artist Shelly achieving blue belt in taekwondo

Posted on December 21, 2023 in Latest News and Information
Shelly and Martial Arts instructor Karen.

Image: Shelly and Martial Arts instructor Karen. 

Our dedicated client Shelly has achieved big wins over the past 12 months, earning her blue belt level 1 in taekwondo and now on to her blue belt level 2.

Shelly trains at ATI Martial Arts, assisted by her SensesWA Support Worker Wendy.
Congratulations Shelly such a great achievement!

Wendy says: “I’ve had the amazing privilege of working with Shelly at Taekwondo with her instructor Karen.

Shelly has both vision and hearing loss (deafblindness) and we mainly use Auslan to communicate.

Shelly started her taekwondo journey October 2022 and has been training very hard in class. Shelly also lives with Ataxia which affects her muscle coordination and balance. Despite this, Shelly puts in the work and practices every day to improve and master her kicking and boxing techniques and works daily on her pattern at home. She learnt her last pattern in 4 weeks.

Shelly’s determination and perseverance has led to her gaining her blue belt in under a year. Her physiotherapist has noted that Shelly’s taekwondo journey has also led to significant improvements in her balance, coordination and strength. She spends a lot of time watching videos of her technique and practices regularly to improve her form.

I am very proud of Shelly. She works very hard in class and I am always so impressed with her enthusiasm and determination. Shelly is an exceptional young lady who makes the best of everything and is always smiling. Keep up the great work Shelly you are an example of a true martial artist.”

Support Worker Wendy, Shelly and Shelly’s mum Leanne.

Image: Support Worker Wendy, Shelly and Shelly’s mum Leanne.

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