Multi-talented Wilma, “You never know until you try”

Posted on May 10, 2023 in Latest News and Information
Wilma creating clay art

Image: Wilma creating clay art


Meet Wilma a long term SensesWA client and a talented artist and musician. Wilma has supported SensesWA many times over the years, donating artwork, playing music and supporting promotions for the Deafblind community.

Over time Wilma no longer had sufficient vision to paint so she explored other outlets for her creativity and discovered paper clay art.

“I got interested in clay art as painting was becoming really difficult due to my deteriorating eyesight. Karen (SensesWA Deafblind Consultant) organised a paper clay workshop. I had been working with polymer a bit but having arthritis in my hand made that too hard to use. The paper clay was a revelation. It’s so light and easy to work with and once I did my first piece I was hooked.
What I love most about this medium is that it is easy on the hands, and you can feel it when seeing is difficult. Having said that, I LOVE the colours and you can mix them to make different colours. Gorgeous to touch and gorgeous to see. I had never heard of this type of art until Karen introduced me to it.

If you have a vision impairment and are unsure about trying something new, I say you never know until you try how much you could enjoy something, go for it!” Wilma


Performing at the National Deafblind Conference 2022

Image: Performing at the National Deafblind Conference 2022