Music + fitness to elevate your mood

Posted on July 13, 2020 in Latest News and Information
Zoom conferencing screen shot of people exercising and playing music

Residents at our shared accommodation homes enjoyed the benefits of both music and fitness when Physiotherapist Rachael and Therapy Support Officer Gess hosted their group session via Zoom video conferencing.

“The group were so energetic and had a wonderful time” said Rachael. “The benefits of combining both music and fitness was evident on their faces and the energy they each brought to the session. Exercising with friends can be way more motivating and fun.

Gess is a great musician and residents just loved including the music in their session. They all really embraced the technology and are committed to keeping their wellness goals even if it is via Zoom”


5 Reasons why music benefits your exercise

  1. A good beat makes you want to move more
  2. It makes exercising more fun
  3. Music naturally boosts your happiness
  4. It can reduce stress and anxiety
  5. It can boost your immunity