Social Cookery Groups

Posted on March 22, 2019 in Latest News and Information

“As a result of shared goals of learning to cook, move out of home and make new friends, Senses Australia’s Occupational Therapists set up the Social Cookery Groups,” explained Occupational Therapist Emily who runs the group.

The group met every week for 6 weeks, and had fun while cooking recipes and learning about healthy food choices. Each lesson had take-home resources for participants, to assist in utilising newly learned skills at home.

Social Cookery Groups allow participants to enhance their social skills, make friends and most of all build on techniques that are essential to being independent.

Petrina attended all 6 weeks and said: “I learned lots of new recipes and about healthy and unhealthy food. I even learned how to take the train to a new place. What I enjoyed most of all was meeting new people and making new friends. I’m really looking forward to the group happening again.”

The Social Cookery Group was a huge success and Senses Australia would like to thank Healthways and Foodbank for sponsoring this valuable program.

If you would like to get involved in the next Social Cookery Group please contact Emily on:

0413 343 271 or email