Community Access Services

At SensesWA, we support you to live your life in any way that you choose.

This may include providing some support to participate in social, recreational and educational activities.  You may also need assistance learning how to travel independently. Or you may just need a hand with mobility and equipment to better access your local community independently.

Our Community Access Team work with you to achieve your goals.

No matter your needs, we listen and support you to:

  • Design and plan your own services
  • Have genuine choice and make decisions about your supports and the services you want and use
  • Determine how much information and control you want over the management of your services.

We can provide support to you throughout the week and on the weekends, depending on your needs and what you want to do with your time.

What do we do?

Our team members can:

  • Assist you to increase your independence in daily activities and participation in your community
  • Support engagement with family and friends
  • Assist with medical appointments at your local doctor, health and wellbeing activities or hospital visits
  • Support you using public transport
  • Assist you at work or when studying
  • Support clients who choose to volunteer in the community
  • Support with your shopping, banking and gardening
  • During times when you are unable to access the community, our support workers can complete tasks for you like shopping and collecting prescriptions from your pharmacy

How do we charge for these services?

SensesWA adheres to the current NDIS price guide. Your services will be billed after the service has occurred.  The majority of clients receive their Community Access services from Core Support funding. This comes from the following line items of an NDIS plan:

  • Assistance with Daily Living
  • Assistance with Social and Community Participation.

There is a standard hourly rate for weekdays. There is an increase to the rate according to the time of day ie afternoon and evening shifts. Weekend and Public Holidays incur higher penalty rates. All current prices are according to the NDIS Price Guide.

Payment of fees is as follows

  • Plan managed – we invoice your nominated plan manager
  • NDIS managed – we draw down your funds from the NDIS portal
  • Self managed– we invoice you directly


Your plan may contain funding to allow for your support worker to drive you to a variety of community activities or for you to use utilize public transport. If there is no transport funding allocated to your plan you may allocate some funds from your main Core Support budget. If Senses support workers transport you then you will be charged at 0.85c per km – as per the current NDIS Price Guide.

There are 3 options available to you for payment

  • We claim from the Transport funding stated on your NDIS plan
  • We invoice you fortnightly in arrears for transport costs
  • You may allocate some of your Core Supports to transport and we will claim from this funding

Cancellation Policy

SensesWA operates within the NDIS short notice cancellation policy of 48 hours’ notice for a planned service. If a cancellation is received within 48 hours (prior) of a planned service. Senses will charge 100% of the planned service charge as a cancellation fee.

What we don’t charge for:

  • Meetings with our regional area supervisors to set up your services and create a service agreement
  • Ongoing customer service from your regional area supervisor, and our customer contracts and scheduling teams
  • Time spent processing NDIS claims and invoicing
  • Your support worker utilization of our record management system to read and amend your personal plans, check on rosters and writing of goal focused case notes following your shift

Please refer to your service agreement and the NDIS price guide for further information regarding your service.


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