Our direction

SensesWA is a leading not for profit organisation with a history of excellence in service provision since 1896.Our purpose is to build capacity and capability to open a world of opportunity for people with disability. We meet the needs of clients across the lifespan and across many differing disabilities, challenges and conditions. We provide comprehensive services, with a specialist focus on people with deafblindness, other sensory loss or challenges with sensory processing.

We place the client at the centre of all decision making and all our services are codesigned, client centred, and family focused At SensesWA, our employees and our partners are integral to what we do and are highly skilled in delivering the supports required in children’s therapies, positive behaviour support and high-quality homes and living services.

We select and recruit people who are highly skilled and trained in sensory solutions across the age span, but our SensesWA Academy focuses on continuous professional development and delivers specialist teaching, support and mentoring to further grow skill and ability in our people.

SensesWA is proud to support a diverse WA community. Our workforce, and many of the clients to whom we provide care, come from different backgrounds and parts of WA and the world. We respect, value, and embrace this diversity, and see it as a key strength of our workforce.

We look to the future and continue to work towards building a better and more united disability sector for all people with disability and the WA community.