Speech Pathologist

SensesWA’s Speech Pathologists help people with difficulties speaking, listening, understanding language, stuttering, reading and writing, voice and social skills. A Speech Pathologist can also help people who have difficulties with eating and drinking safely.

Our Speech Pathologists work with you and your family to develop improved communication in everyday activities and routines. They may work with people in different places including home, clinic, school or community settings.

Our Speech Pathology services

  • Assessment of language skills in children and adults to determine strengths, and areas for improvement
  • Assessment and support for children and adults to enjoy mealtimes safely
  • Work with children and adults who have difficulties understanding others or sharing their thoughts, feelings and ideas
  • Support to develop play and social skills
  • Developing comprehension and reading skills
  • Developing communication systems and learning how to use other forms of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) systems including key word sign or visual communication systems. This may include the assessment and prescription of specialised high tech communication devices.
  • Education for parents, carers, educators and support staff
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