Choosing assistive technology that best suits you and your family

Posted on April 8, 2022 in Latest News and Information
Augmentative and Alternative Communication or AAC

Are you unsure when it comes to choosing assistive technology? Our team of therapists can advise you and support you through choosing the technology that best suits you and your family.

Speech Pathologist Ros shares her advice when choosing assistive technology.

“Assistive technology can be overwhelming with so many options available, and no solution is right for every person or every situation. Speech Pathologists can work with you to find the right combination of tools and strategies. Communication is a fundamental human right, and everyone deserves to have their voice heard.”


What is AAC?

Augmentative and Alternative Communication or AAC is anything that replaces or supports natural speech to help a person communicate. It can include facial expressions, body language, gestures and signs, as well as paper-based books and boards, and speech generating devices and communication apps. Many people use a range of these methods to get across their message.

What to ask when choosing assistive technology?

  1. Does this tool address my/my child’s specific needs?
  2. Does it use my/my child’s strengths?
  3. Is there a simpler tool that would work as effectively?
  4. Will it be easy to incorporate into everyday life?
  5. Is it portable?
  6. Is it flexible?
  7. Is the device reliable and easy to maintain?
  8. Will it grow with me/my child?
  9. Does it give the power to say “what they want, when they want, to whomever they want, wherever they want”
    (Gayle porter)

As always, our SensesWA team is here to assist, talk to us if you have any questions.