A Break And Support For Me And My Family

You deserve a break. If you live at home with your family, SensesWA wants to support you and your family to get the break that’s required in order for you to remain living at home long-term.

A break may be provided through a range of activities and services. Which ever option you choose, we will listen to you, and support you and your family:

  • To design and plan your own disability support and respite services
  • To have genuine choice and make decisions about your supports and the respite services you use
  • To determine how much or how little information and control you want over the management of your services.

However, for you and your family member to enjoy a break, you may require some assistance with undertaking typical daily activities. SensesWA can assist you to do these things by providing you with support in your family home during the day, in the evening, during the week or over the weekend.

Depending on your needs, at SensesWA our family support services include:

Sibling Support

SensesWA understands that brothers or sisters may have some concerns or questions which relate to being the sibling of a person with disability. It is why we run our Sibling Support group throughout the year.

The group provides a safe and supportive environment for siblings to share their feelings, concerns, questions and problems. It also helps to reduce a sibling’s sense of isolation and provides opportunities for new friendships.

What’s more, the group encourages the growth of positive attitudes, understanding and increased sensitivity towards siblings who have a disability.

Family Stay - Host Family

You may wish to stay with another family when you and your family need a regular break – Host Family. SensesWA can help you to choose a Host Family as we know of a number of families who would love to have you stay with them. We will help you to choose the family that best suits you and who you feel most comfortable with.

At SensesWA we have a comprehensive assessment process which ensures that we have host families registered who have had all the necessary security checks in place and have undertaken the relevant training to be a host family.

Together, we will work out just what you and your family need and we can provide you with the help and flexibility to make this happen.

A Respite Stay at Amelia House -

Be our guest at Amelia House, York. Just over an hour’s drive from Perth, in the historic town of York, you’ll discover a wonderful place where you can stay and unwind to increase your confidence and skills with independent living and personal care. Staying at the house with other people gives you opportunities to engage and interact socially in a safe and supported environment.

Amelia House is a respite home funded by Department of Communities Disability Services. The home is fully staffed and equipped to support individuals with varying degree of needs especially high physical needs.

Set amongst peaceful gardens, Amelia House has:

  • Five comfortable bedrooms (one equipped for high needs)
  • Two bathrooms (one fully equipped or high needs)
  • Two large rooms with big screen TVs, DVD player and playstation
  • A patio with barbeque facilities
  • A fully equipped kitchen and dining area
  • A liberty swing and accessible playground for children of all ages

Amelia House is just minutes from the centre of York, where you will discover a lively mix of shops, cafes, restaurants and grand old buildings. There is also plenty to see and do in the surrounding Avon Valley, including farm and museum tours and walking trails.


Have a look through Amelia House from the comfort of your home with our virtual tour. Just click on the image below (best viewed using Google Chrome).

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If you or a loved one needs to take a break, get in touch with SensesWA today.