Posted on March 21, 2019 in Latest News and Information

The use of water for therapy is no modern procedure. In fact, is has been carried out for hundreds of years. Nonetheless, many of us are unfamiliar with the concept of hydrotherapy and how exactly it can benefit our health and well-being.

Our Starfish Hydrotherapy Program is an aquatic based program conducted in a hydrotherapy pool for Early Intervention clients of all different ability levels.
The support group is run by physiotherapists with the focus on developing core muscle strength, movement, lower and upper limb strength, communication and social skills in a fun interactive group setting. All activities are supported by sensory strategies, visual aids and action songs to increase participation, motivation and promote overall well-being. Our team focuses on creating a safe environment in and around the pool area as well as teaching parents helpful handling skills that can be applied outside of group.

“The popularity of hydrotherapy is growing and for very good reasons, the benefits are profound. The water provides an excellent, therapeutic environment for children with varying needs. For those with increased muscle tone, it helps them to relax and they find it easier to move their bodies in the water. Those with lower muscle tone can help boost tone and arousal through vestibular in-put and movement in the water. Parents get the opportunity to enjoy a fun activity, while building confidence in their own handling skills with their child. Specialised therapists run the group who are more aware of sensory and communication needs, which you wouldn’t get in a mainstream swimming class.” Says Senior Physiotherapist Amy.

Dylan completed the 4 week program, on receiving his certificate his mum Olivia said “It was great seeing Dylan interacting with the music and games and having fun. The first week he didn’t really like the water but now he absolutely loves it. It was so much fun and very beneficial for both Dylan and myself, with the added benefit of making new friends with families that can relate.”


  1. Speak to one of our Physiotherapists to assess suitability or any health concerns.
  2. Keep your fluids up before, during and after hydrotherapy to avoid dehydration.
  3. Start light, slow and short and progress your program from there.
  4. If your child is feeling overwhelmed in the water, feel free to move to a quieter spot in the pool for a few minutes of floating and relaxation before re-joining the group.
  5. Have fun and enjoy the many benefits you both will receive.


To register for the next Starfish Hydrotherapy Program
please contact:

Rachael – Physiotherapist on 0431 774 730 or rachael.tomic@senses.org.au
When: During school term
Duration: 1 hour for 4 weeks
Location: North – Kirby Swim, Gwelup. South – Expressions of interest