Jack’s goal, ride 500kms of the Munda Biddi Trail

Posted on October 31, 2022 in Latest News and Information
Jack and Abby

Twelve year old Jack is a young boy thriving with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). He has set himself the goal to ride 500kms of the Munda Biddi Trail during the Term 3 School Holidays and fundraise for the charity, Ocean Heroes.

Jack has been working with SensesWA Physiotherapist, Abby, on strengthening his lower limbs, improving his balance and coordination skills as well as his endurance.

“Learning to ride has meant a lot of things for me. Most importantly it meant long rides with my family and being out on the trails, enjoying the outdoors together. I love the breeze in my hair; the wind in my face.

My first long ride was 10km and it felt awesome, and we have been pushing the distance every ride since. When I ride and break a new personal record, I feel lots of pride and confidence in myself.
Thanks, Abby for riding with me. It was fun. I loved the stunts we were doing together.” Jack

Jack’s Mother Bianca said: “He could not be where he is without the support of SensesWA.”

We couldn’t be more proud of your achievement, Jack.

To follow Jack’s journey visit: jacksride.com.au


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