Vickneesh is smashing his fitness goals

Posted on April 8, 2022 in Latest News and Information
Vickneesh on his bike

Vickneesh set a goal to ride to Dome, which is 5km away from his house. For two months he practiced exercises to improve his balance, coordination and lower limb strength.

Vickneesh then progressed to riding in his drive way with physiotherapist Abby by his side. Next he was riding up and down his street, then around his neighbourhood. The pair then set out to achieve his goal which he set right at the start (before he could get on the bike!). They rode together the 5km to Dome where Vickneesh treated himself to his favourite drink…a hot chocolate. The pair then rode back to his house making the whole trip a total of 10km. Double his original goal!!

Vickneesh feels confident on his bike now, he is very proud of his achievement and so are we!