Zoey-David’s 200km Walkathon

Posted on July 13, 2020 in Latest News and Information
Zoey-David and Alex walking outside

The amazing Zoey-David is at it again. As part of his fitness goals Senses client Zoey-David has taken on an epic new challenge – to complete a 200km virtual walkathon along the Bibbulmun track.

Zoey-David found he was unable to carry out his usual favourite exercises of dance inclusion, swimming and going shopping. With the assistance of Support Worker Alexandra and the rest of his Senses support team they have set achievable distances which Zoey-David has worked into his daily routine.

Support worker Alexandra said, “Walking is an activity that Zoey-David thoroughly enjoys. It helps to calm his mind and gives him time to think and process his emotions. As he was not able to do his regular fitness activities we got creative and came up with an alternative that he would find engaging and beneficial. Maintaining his fitness and exercise routines are important goals for Zoey-David and he has really embraced his new routine. He shows us many laughs and smiles while out walking, and is already over half way through his 200km challenge.” Go Zoey-David!


What are Goals?

Goals are things you want to achieve, develop or learn.

We suggest that the easiest way for you to think about goals is to think about what’s important to you. Your goals might include things like learning new skills, becoming more independent, getting a job, attending more community activities, or making friends.

Think about what you would like to achieve, why you would like to achieve it and when you would like to achieve it by.


It’s important to have your goals ready for your NDIS planning meeting as your NDIS plan is based on your goals and what supports you may need funded to assist with you achieving these goals.

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